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Baja is a multi-purpose DIY solution for the desk shortages experienced in lower-income schools.

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Designed in response to the dire shortage of desks in lower-income schools in Africa, the Baja desk is able to grow with the child.

This multi-functional DIY children’s desk is the brainchild of Yolandi Schreuder, half of the design duo of Our Awesome Work. Baja is a play on the Afrikaans word “baie” meaning “many” or “plentiful” and hints to the possibilities of this desk as a growing, modular work space.

Baja comprises only six different parts, making it very easy to assemble and disassemble. The various pieces simply slot into each other and as it weighs only four kilograms it is easy to store and transport. There are two holes in the top of the desk, allowing for containers that can securely hold drinks or stationery.

The desk is specifically targeted at the developing needs of children between the ages of three and 12 years. Baja is designed as such to stimulate their cognitive and motor skills, while fostering their creativity and developing their social skills as one desk can seat up to four children.