Tricks and treats at Milan2011

Furniture company Royal Ahrend will be presenting two new projects by Ineke Hans and Yuya Ushida at Ventura Lambrate in Milan.

With the enticing title “Space Tricks and Material Treats” Dutch furniture company Royal Ahrend presents the work of Ineke Hans and Yuya Ushida at Ventura Lambrate at the Milan Furniture Fair from 12 to 17 April 2011.

The innovative use of materials for ingenious solutions that consider the environment are key concerns for both Ahrend and the designers, especially when it comes to mass production.

Ahrend 380 by Hans is an injection-moulded chair, made using recycled PET plastic. It’s said to be surprisingly comfortable with a flexible back. In addition to being easily stackable, the chair is also available with or without arms.

Designed with the cradle-to-cradle principles in mind, the Ahrend 380 can easily be disassembled into two elements. It also doesn’t contain any strange inserts so all the parts can be conveniently recycled again.

The chair is accompanied by round and square tables that match the shape and colour of the chairs.

Yuya Ushida’s accordian-like Sofa XXXX was constructed from four different injection-moulded elements, also using recycled PET plastic. The sofa can easily be turned into a two or three seater. Some 8 000 elements complete the sofa.

Watch the Talk with Ineke Hans