From trash to treasure

Unique-Eco uses the trash they collect on the shoreline of Kenya to make bright and beautiful sculptures and accessories.

Flip-flops, tyres and other pieces of plastic are not only unsightly along a shoreline but also harmful to the creatures living in and around the ocean. But in Kenya, one’s trash became another’s treasure.

Recognising the creativity and inventiveness of local crafters and artisans, Julie Church founded Unique-Eco, an organisation that collaborates with local Kenyans to turn the seaside garbage into gorgeous and playful sculptures and accessories.

While clearing the shores, the crafters also create a source of income for themselves. Unique-Eco sells their colourful items, including rings, bracelets, animal sculptures and more, to local retailers, and at craft fairs and curio shops. Some 80% of their creative produce is sold to an international market

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