Touchscreen education

A first of its kind, the XO Tablet designed by Yves Béhar of Fuseproject and One Laptop Per Child helps kids learn and explore their dreams from an early age.

Designed to spark a child’s imagination, Yves Béhar of Fuseproject and One Laptop Per Child Association have announced their new XO Tablet.

Harnessing the power of a touchscreen device, the XO Tablet presents new and interactive ways for children to learn. The Android tablet has been relooked and redesigned, now revealing a new user interface and protective cover. The device delivers a continuity of the original tablet’s design language, but adds a new and advanced learning experience.

Centred around the idea of aspirational “dreams”, the main screen is organised by topics rather than applications. A clear hierarchy of information makes tiers of learning within each dream easy to follow and access. A simple sentence, “I want to be an…” is the opener to a multitude of software, games and applications grouped around each subject of interest.

The new tablet is an evolution of all the things we have learned with the original laptop. What is unique about this version is how we crafted the user interface and the industrial design simultaneously. We wanted to make sure that together they would deliver a cohesive experience while stimulating discovery and offering a few surprises, says Béhar.

The seven-inch tablet, made by Vivitar, is the only multilingual and Google-certified tablet for children on the market today. The pre-loaded software includes 100 free apps, games and books. Special parental controls allow parents to track how much time is spent on each app and provides insight into where children’s interests lie.

The XO Tablet has launched in Walmart stores around the United States as well as in developing countries such as Uruguay, Cambodia and Barbados. 

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