Tomato power

The result of the D-VISION industrial design graduate programme in Israel, the Still Lamp is powered by the juice of tomatoes.
Still Light
Still Light

If you thought juicy red tomatoes were reserved for salads and Bloody Mary's, think again. They're also useful in lighting and decor. Still Light is a hybrid LED light system powered by an electrochemical reaction of copper and zinc electrodes, fitted into a tomato.

Sound complicated? Well, it’s a system that uses organic and metal components. What happens is that the single energy circuit obtains energy from the chemical reaction that happens between the acidity of the tomato juice, and the zinc and copper elements, effectively turning it into a battery.

Still Light is part of the innovative “On/Off” collection of lighting design, created by Israeli design graduates who participated in the d-VISION industrial design programme. The collection investigates the different application of LED lighting and breaks some interesting boundaries.