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Scholten & Baijings unveil three unique collections at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during the 2014 Salone del Mobile.

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Scholten & Baijings take Salone del Mobile 2014 by storm with the unveiling of multiple new collections. 

Demonstrating a pure and refined design aesthetic, Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings’s collections include pieces that are organic, desirable and unique.

The Elements collection for J. Hill’s Standard, a new mouth-blown, hand-cut crystal maker based in Ireland comprises a range of crystal glasses, each a desirable object in its own right. The Dutch design duo is known for their work with palettes, especially of colour and material, and now has developed a palette of “cuts” to be applied to crystal.

The beauty of the Elements collection is that Scholten and Baijings have acted as a conductor in an orchestra, building up layers of pattern as though they were sound, resulting in a visual symphony, says a spokesman for J. Hill’s Standard.

Each glass in the collection has a different design, allowing users to collect glasses that match one another or choose to have a range of glasses that are all different. The glass sizes suit many uses from whiskey to water to wine. An elegant jug and decanter complete the series.

A rich assemblage of graphic markings and opaque tones is what defines this collection of lead crystal glassware. Cuts and textures of varying depth and intensity are employed across glasses to create a landscape of layered pattern that is fresh and seductive, says Stefan Scholten.

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of French furniture maker Moustache, Scholten & Baijings designed a chair that is said to be ideal for a hot summers day.

The Strap Chair is a stackable, lightweight chair with distinctive armrests. The straps designed for the seat are woven in France and are braided and wound around the tubular frame giving the upholstery its unique structure. The braiding, due to its stripe pattern and light-to-dark colour range reflects the Dutch duo’s love and exploration of colour.

For Italian marble producer Luce di Carrara, Scholten & Baijings designed five unique marble tables.

The collection, Solid Patterns is inspired by the uniqueness of marble and its various characteristics including colour, line patterns and circular shapes.

The largest table in the collection is made from a single block of white-beige marble and serves as a dining or conference table, while the smaller tables are brown-beige in colour and can be used as coffee tables or side tables.

The above three collections are all on display at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during Salone del Mobile 2014 until 13 April.

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