Talking umbrella keeps people out of the rain

The Oombrella uses sensor technology to tell users when it is about to rain.

Oombrella, created by social and real-time weather app wezzoo, is a smart umbrella that works with a companion app to keep users out of the rain. The product is currently on promoted on Kickstarter as the “unforgettable umbrella” because it alerts its owner when it is about to rain and also notifies users if it has been left behind.

The Oombrella operates on a capsule, which is built into its plastic handle. The capsule contains sensors that are able to measure weather conditions such as temperature, pressure, humidity and light. Using low-energy Bluetooth technology, the capsule in the umbrella is able to send alerts like “Take me with you. It will rain in 15 minutes,” to a paired mobile device.

The technology is based on wezzoo’s existing forecasting system that creates a community-driven platform to browse visual, real-time weather maps from around the planet. Like the original app, each Oombrella gathers data and shares it with the community to create hyper-local weather data more precise.

The Oombrella’s canopy uses an especially designed material with a reflecting surface that changes with the light. The material is also quiet under rain or hail and is UV resistant and windproof. The frame of the umbrella is made from Kevlar, a super strong fibre that will prevent the canopy from turning inside out in powerful winds.