Switched on competition

Eskom is calling on student and professional designers to help save the planet, one CFL at a time.

It’s no longer just hippies and treehuggers that are campaigning for a more energy efficient planet. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) have been a step in the right direction but it’s also become apparent that existing lamp designs are not really compatible with new energy efficient technologies.

This is where the challenge lies for designers. Eskom is challenging resourceful designers to come up with innovative lumaire (lamp) designs that have functionality and flair, efficiency and aesthetic appeal for the 2010 “Energy Efficient Lighting Design Competition”.

There are two categories in which designs can be submitted. The first category invites students and professionals to design and build imaginative lamp prototypes that work in an energy efficient way while still being pleasing to the eye. The second category invites professionals to submit energy efficient designs for systems and products suitable for residential application, such as a lighting system for low-cost housing developments.

All designs must make use of, or complement, a CFL. The winners and runners-up in the two categories qualify for cash prizes and the possibility of registering a new patent. Entries close on 30 July 2010. More details at lighting-design.co.za.

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