Stylish timekeeping

Jaime Hayón's collection of Orolog wristwatches combine classical elements with modern details.

Spanish designer Jaime Hayón joined forces with business partner Ian Lowe to establish Orolog, a new watch brand dedicated to designing and making quality, contemporary wristwatches. 

The Orolog range explores the combination of classical elements and modern details to create a contemporary wristwatch with a clean and simple design.

The talented designer created a beautifully organic shaped case, ‘Capitone’ quilted texture dial face with exquisite coloured leather straps crafted by Hermès leather atelier.

The watches are manufactured in Switzerland and feature a Ronda quartz chronograph movement. Each timepiece comes with a custom black leather travel case, also designed by Hayon.

Orolog bestows each piece with a unique quality through a careful selection of finishes and materials to create a statement piece for your wrist, says Hayón.

The first collection, the OC1 series, comes in five colours and each colour is available in a limited edition of 999 timepieces. 

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