Street lights

sTREEt is a modular system that serves the multiple purpose of being street lights, shade, shelter and public benches, all in one.

Danish industrial designers KiBiSi have designed a street light system for the Gwangju Design Biennale 2011, currently taking place in this South Korean city.

sTREEt takes functional, organically-formed components into the urban cityscape and enlightens the city using solar powered lights.

As a modular tree, sTREEt can easily adjust its form and function to the specific needs of the public space.  Apart from improving the aesthetics of the city, sTREEt also hopes to create a sense of unity in the city.

KiBiSi wanted to create an urban furniture system that can generate energy to power the sTREEt lighting at night. There are various elements to the furniture, ranging in size from a “sapling” to a “mother tree”. “Branches” can also be added to the system to create shade and shelter, benches and planters. It is even possible to turn the system into a tree swing.

sTREEt appears to be a winning urban design solution, with multi-functionality and energy efficiency at its core.

Watch the Talk with Jens Martin Skibsted