Star Wars-like strobe lights for cycling safety

Public bicycle system Santander Cycles plans to release a fleet of bicycles equipped with laser lights.
Santander Cycles

London’s public bike system Santander Cycles, known to locals as Boris bikes, is set to upgrade 11 500 of its bicycles with a new laser-projected light system early this year. Each bike will be equipped with a Blaze Laserlight, which casts a green cyclist symbol on the road ahead, making riders more visible to cars and pedestrians.

Blaze Laserlight

The green symbol, which is projected six metres in front of the bike, is intended to act as a virtual marker that further indicates the boundaries of a rider’s commuting space, as a lane would. The trial project has received additional backing from Transport for London who is convinced that the smart feature will improve road safety and visibility for night-time cyclists in London’s busy metropolitan areas.

Aside from promoting the safety benefits, Santander’s commercial suggests that the Blaze Laserlight will bring a Star Wars-like element of cool to the out-dated public transport system. 

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