Square peas and family ponchos

Eight drawings of whimsical, wicked and weird inventions from Dominic Wilcox's blog-turned-book, "Variations on Normal".

Dominic Wilcox has been sharing his "odd yet perfectly logical invention" ideas in a virtual sketchbook, Variations on Normal, since 2009. The fictional inventions the British designer and self-proclaimed "thinkerupper" has come up with include a dual-purpose coffin and accessories that make drinking directly out of a bottle of wine more stylish.

He self-published his first book of drawings in 2012 and earlier this year an updated version with 28 new drawings was launched by Square Peg. 

Curator Daniel Charny had this to say about the book: "From funny through ingenious and all the way to sad, Wilcox’s resourceful ideas make for poignant questions on the way we accept the world around us." 

Here are eight of our favourite drawings from Wilcox's inventive imagination. 

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Wilcox's dual-use coffin/work desk for work addicts who "end up dying at their desks".
Wilcox's ingenious and simple hack of a wine bottle lifts a casual tip of the bottle up a notch.
Relief for the clumsy is at hand with these wrist nets that catch falling objects.
The Hill walking shoe soles take the huffing and puffing out of inclines. Wilcox has thought of everything – various options of angles and a reversible design for the descent.
No more chasing peas around the plate with your fork – Wilcox suggests we design genetically modified square peas for easier eating.
Security on a budget: This cost-saving fence design tracks passers-by and moves according to the person's position. We wonder what happens with two-way traffic?
Snoring has been the bane of many a partner's existence. This solution gives the snorer a taste of their own medicine.
Keep the whole family dry with the "Family Poncho". Just might be a little difficult to walk around together.
The book was published in August 2014. You can buy a signed copy of the book on webshop here.

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