The Special Danger

In his first solo exhibition, The Special Danger, Givan Lötz looks to conflated ideas of death, sex and spirituality.
Posted 8 Sep 11 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

Givan Lötz’s first solo exhibition The Special Danger opens at the Outlet Project room in Braamfontein, Johannesburg on Saturday 10 September 2011.

Four large-scale printed works and a sculptural installation piece make up The Special Danger and looks to conflated notions of death, sex and spirituality.

Drawing on a philosophical reading of the Ecstatic Experience, Lötz looks to the ethics of eroticism and measures it against the aesthetics of Prohibition. The result is form of reasoning that has no boundaries. With his work Lötz argues that without Prohibition there can be no transgression and therefore no Eroticism.

The ubiquitous relationship between proximity and promiscuity in relation to Eroticism and Prohibition is unpacked in The Special Danger, manifested in four interrelated pictorial concepts pertaining to birth, sex, and seath.

Lötz introduces a fifth central sculptural concept that works as an anchor for the entire narrative. In all, the five concepts include: The Ecstatic Experience, Death & Danger, Sex Death, Eroticism & Perversion, and Sacred Boundaries & Transgression.