Karim Rashid's "Float" sofa works to achieve privacy, freedom and comfort in public spaces, using a well-balanced selection of colours.

“Float” by Karim Rashid is a sofa that also serves as a screen.

Created for furniture manufacturer Sancal, Float takes the famous Virginia Woolf quote “a room of one’s own” as departure point for creating an object that prioritises intimacy and freedom.

Together with Rashid, Sancal wanted to create a seat that “respects our own universe when we cohabit in public spaces”, and from there the Woolf quote.

Float is contemporary furniture piece with multiple purposes. As a slim floating seat with an incorporated back wall, the Float can provide complete privacy in open spaces. The back rest of the couch is also ideal for resting, hanging your scarf or coat or to help create a secluded area.

Colourful combinations are one of the key features of Rashid’s designs while Sancal’s products are known to be less vibrant but Float offers the perfect balance. Float pays less attention to colours and focusses more on textures.

Float is available in three sizes and a selection of different fabrics.

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