Silver etchings

The Paper Silver Print jewellery range by Frieda Lühl combines silver plates and precious stones.

From the Series

Every other year Frieda Lühl does a course in different techniques and mediums that she then often incorporates into her jewellery ranges.

Recently Lühl did a course in etching and printing, which inspired her to do etchings on copper plates. This process works by making a print edition and then using the copper plate for jewellery.

Called "The Paper Silver Print", after the print edition the copper etching plate has to be destroyed but instead Lühl cuts it up and prints details of the etchings onto silver. Where etching cuts into the metal, the print raises the drawing out of the plate, which gives it an interesting aspect.

These decorated silver plates are integrated into pieces of jewellery by setting them into sterling silver and often combining them with a precious stone.

See Frieda Lühl on stand 1602 at Design Indaba Expo from 25 to 27 February 2011.