Sight Sound Soul encourages meditation in living spaces

Thailand-based designers have designed an object that encourages meditation with sight and sound.

Bangkok-based Coth Studio, founded by Chalermkiat Somdulyawat and Kawisara Anansaringakarn, designed an “atmosphere creation object” to promote relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. The Sight Sound Soul object uses pure natural sight and the sound effect of water to create “peace and calmness within the user’s soul.”

“The peaceful and calm atmosphere created by this object is not only for meditation activity, but it also promotes deep relaxation and it is good for a space that needs strong concentration such as a reading room,” says the design duo.

The object takes advantage of the sound of dripping water as a natural rhythm and point of focus for the users in the living space. To engage the user’s sight, the object uses ripple – light passing through the shape of water drops. The soft light creates a peaceful and calm environment.

The device works with a micro-pump that pumps the water from an under glass to a funnel-shaped glass above. The droplets hit a water surface resulting in the sound of the droplets. The light is achieved using an LED.

“This design object is a tool to create the environment that can be perceived in a mental and spiritual manner for people to meditate by only living in the living space and playing with two human perceptions: sight and sound,” say the designers.

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