See through at Milan2011

Is it wood or is it clear acrylic? Nendo’s Transparent Table is like an optical illusion. See it at Milan2011.

"Textured transparencies” is Nendo’s latest project and can be seen at Galleria Jannone at the Milan Furniture Fair from 12 to 17 April 2011.

The Japanese design studio will be presenting a collection of four new pieces, comprising tables and lamps which explore levels of transparent nuances. It’s not the type of full transparency that visually disappears but rather a partial transparency that can be observed in various grades on the scale between transparent and opaque.

Nendo cast the Transparent Table in clear acrylic but in a wooden form which shows off a strong grain, creating the effect of “transparent wood”.

The acrylic material was treated exactly as wood would be treated, by "bevelling" the edges and matching grain ends.

A black and white version of the table was made, both with their own visual illusion tricks. From afar the white table looks like translucent glass but from closer view, the wood grain can be seen. The black table, in turn, looks like wood at first but upon closer inspection is clearly transparent.