Secret space

Matali Crasset's Wigwam for flooring company Tarkett demonstrates the possibilities of flooring materials and colour.

Matali Crasset’s new dome-shaped structure, "Wigwam", for French flooring company Tarkett resembles the Amerindian wigwam.

The exterior of the Wigwam is inspired by the structure of these primitive dwellings with a bent pole frame. Crasset was asked to develop the Wigwam as a means to showcase Tarkett’s different products, thus the Wigwam has been made to look like it was constructed with wooden floor panels that have been unhooked and placed around the framework of the structure.

Inside this dwelling the reverse side of the wooden bark can be seen, while vertical staves in the centre of the interior run from floor to ceiling. These are arranged in a circle with countless small hooks. These hooks also offer the “dweller” an opportunity to take a small piece of bark to carve their initials on, turning the experience into something of a ritual.

Crasset explains that her relationship with Tarkett is based on colour and that she uses these colours in a variety of ways.

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