Second skin

Safe sex is made sexy with the Second Skin. Check out urban africa’s condom pouch.

Practising safe sex should go without saying. The reality is, unfortunately, that there is much of a stigma around condom use, stemming from peer pressure and learned sexual behaviour.

Attempting to address this attitude to sex and condom use, Cape Town designer Vincent Urbain of urban africa designs has created the Second Skin. A trendy little leather pouch designed to hold three condoms, the Second Skin hopes to make it cool to carry condoms around.

The Second Skin is marketed with the tagline “Protection for your protection” and can be used as a keyring, necklace or can be attached to your belt. Urbain wanted to create something something small that could have a large impact on how people talk and act sexually. For Urbain it was about packaging condoms in a sexy, hip and personalised way.

Ensuring that it would be inexpensive was one of Urbain’s aims and to make it really look like something one might buy for a friend. For corporate applications the pouches can be embossed with logos, text or safe sex messages. Second Skin is already available at a number of retail outlets but going forward Urbain hopes to partner with organisations that promote responsible sex.

Second Skin is also available on Design Indaba Shop. Get yours now!