Seating options

Konstantin Grcic's various seating designs all have two things in common: comfort and quality materials.

German designer Konstantin Grcic presented a unique selection of seating options, created for various companies, at the Milan Furniture Fair recently.

 Waver for Vitra

The Waver armchair for Vitra marks the first time that Grcic designs with the Swiss furniture manufacturer. Incorporating construction principles and materials ordinarily associated with outdoor sports, the Waver introduces a new aesthetic that challenges conventional armchair typology. The Waver was inspired by windsurfing and paragliding, specifically the lightweight yet high-performance equipment used in these sports. The colourful fabrics and visible connecting and functional elements further contribute to the Waver’s sporty look and feel.

The fabric-spanned seat of the Waver is suspended inside a tubular steel frame by two belts and hung over the top. Although the back is made of only one layer of fabric, it offers a comfortable contour.

 Tom & Jerry for Magis

An old favourite in nearly every home and office, the workshop stool has been reinterpreted by Grcic for Magis. Tom & Jerry presents the three-legged stool in two different heights, made of solid beech wood and with mechanical parts in self-lubricant plastic. Due to its smooth-running mechanism it is easy to adjust and convenient to climb.

 Cape for Established & Sons

Cape is the name of the couch Grcic designed for Established & Sons which was also seen in Milan. With the initial brief being to create covered seating with a casual yet luxurious feel to it, Grcic created the Cape as an upholstered couch with an overlay cover. Multiple fabric options are available for Cape making it more usable year round.

Avus for Plank

Paying tribute to the classic qualities of comfort, fine materials and attention to detail, the Avus Club Chair for Plank uses modern materials and cutting-edge technology to achieve this.

Contemporary in both design and production techniques, the rigid base of the Avus is produced as a twin-sheet moulded shell, reinforced with a polyurethane foam core. The stiffness of the base is contrasted by a flexible upper shell made of a single sheet of the same material. The leather upholstery is zipped into the upper shell in one piece using a technology common in the production of high end luggage.

 In addition to designing furniture Grcic is also involved in architectural projects, product and exhibition design.