Scatter effect

Nendo's Scatter Shelf is a design concept that creates a kaleidoscopic visual effect, almost like being caught in a spider's web.

Scatter Shelf is a design concept by Nendo that creates the visual effect of objects caught in a spider’s web.

The shelf is made of five millimetre black acrylic shelves, which are stacked together in grid form. Three layers are stacked together, slightly off-place, to create the visual effect of objects being “caught” in the shelves. This is what one sees when viewing the shelf from the front, but when viewed from an angle the glossy acrylic faces creates a series of reflections within the shelves. This feature, in turn, makes the “opaque” acrylic appear transparent.

Nendo explains that the “diffused reflection caused by the ‘surface’ shines and form also separates and scatters the view behind the shelving unit”. The overall effect is then a kaleidoscopic one.

Scatter Shelf will be on show at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery during the Frieze Art Fair in London and at Friedman Benda in New York later this year.


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