A rural South African farmhouse clad in 1000 shimmering CDs

South African-based artist r1 used 1000 recycled CDs to clad an abandoned farmhouse in Randfontein, a mining city in western Gauteng.

South Africa-based street artist r1 produces urban interventions to transform Johannesburg’s spaces. His latest work is a rural installation, a deviation from his characteristic city-based artworks.

The artist pinned 1000 CDs to the façade of an abandoned farmhouse in Randfontein, a small mining town 40 kilometres outside Johannesburg. Named “Sound of Light”, the CDs on the small house were arranged facing west, towards the setting sun, to refract sunlight and create rainbow patterns.

The artwork interacts with the light of the sun,” r1 said. “When the sun reflects on the CDs, they redirect a spectrum of dynamic neon-like colours that change as one moves position, mirroring back a magnificent ‘sound’ of colour.”

Unfortunately, r1 only installed the outdoor artwork for one day before dismantling it.