At the robot

"Robot Artists" are part of the South African cultural landscape and now a new website, African Cartel, offers them a more formal platform.
Posted 31 Mar 11 By Design Indaba Craft Creative Work / Design News Comments

Stop at the robot in just about any South African city and you’re sure to spot artists trying to sell their work to motorists. Often depicting scenes typical of the South African urban and rural landscape, these artworks are generally characterised by the artists’ bright and bold use of colour.

African Cartel is a new, recently launched, website that hopes to help these “Robot Artists” showcase and sell their work to an international market, by also giving them a platform to tell their stories of hardship.

While not an NGO, African Cartel is a company with a strong focus on social good. They’re currently in negotiations with a few local artists about renting workshop space for the Robot Artists to work on their creativity in a safe space.

For the launch of the African Cartel website, the Robot Artists were featured in a short film that highlights their daily struggle to make a living through their art. The film was made in collaboration with New Creation Collective.