To the rescue

Being creative, resourceful and making technology work for you is what Technology Will Save Us aims for with their DIY kits.

Technology is an important part of our everyday lives, yet we generally know very little about how to fix it, how to makes things with it and how to be creative with it.

Technology Will Save Us (TWSU) is Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann’s answer to better understanding and experiencing the joys of making technology work the way you want it to.

Made in Hackney, London TWSU is what Koby and Hirschmann call “the first haberdashery for technology and education education space”.

With the aim to be more creative and more resourceful, TWSU’s first collection consists of DIY kits and hands-on workshop.

There’s the DIY Speaker Kit that provides everything you need to solder up an amplifier to make your own set of speakers. A Lumiphone Kit includes all the components needed to create a custom musical device, while the complete Soldering Kit will get you started on DIY technology.

TWSU has also partnered with Rough Trade East, London’s indie music temple, to launch Haberdashery East, a concept space for DIY and technology lovers to experiment and learn.

Together with the DIY kits, TWSU will also be offering a range of workshop every month, with topics ranging from “how to wire a plug” to “building a solar-powered thirst detector for your house plants”.