Remote sketchings

What does a remote-controlled car and an abstract illustration have in common? Come to Design Indaba Expo and Thingking will show you!

Thought you needed to be an artist to create a magnificent abstract drawing? Think again. In fact, think Thingking! The designer-maker consultancy presents the Incredible Remote-Control Drawing Machine at Design Indaba Expo!

The Incredible Remote-Control Drawing Machine, created by Lyall Sprong and Marc Nicolson of Thingking, is designed to creatively engage people on illustration and the power of collaborations.

Playful and interactive, the Incredible Remote-Control Drawing Machine mimics the basic components of a printer. As such, two remote-controlled cars are positioned on a grid - one being vertical and the other horizontal. Drawing on the conventional methods of a printer’s X- and Y-axis, the installation then allows users to see, first-hand, the motion that takes place during printing.

The user’s involvement happens where a koki pen is attached to a car that's positioned on parallel axis. The machine requires two people to operate it, ensuring their movements are coordinated, one going up and down; the other moving left and right, as they race the car across a white surface on which the drawing comes to life!

“The machine relies on teamwork to achieve a specific goal, Sprong and Nicolson explain.

The Incredible Remote-Control Drawing Machine will be operating at Design Indaba Expo from 1 to 3 March 2013 in Cape Town. The public are invited to take a spin and create their own unique sketch… or scribble.