Recyclable tents for music festivals

KarTent is a flat-packed cardboard tent designed to reduce the amount of discarded tents at festivals.

Netherlands-based KarTent offers a sustainable camping solution for festivalgoers and organisers with its recyclable cardboard tents. According to the KarTent team, the sizable amount of damaged tents left at festival camping sites is a major problem for organisers who end up with the unrecyclable waste.

KarTent cancels out the hassle of setting up and packing away tents at a festival. Organisers can quickly set up the easy-to-assemble, flat-packed cardboard tents so that they are ready to use for festivalgoers. After the festival, the cardboard tents are sent to the paper recycling industry and transformed into new tents or other products.
The two-person tents have been designed with pop-out doors and windows, and a waterproof coating that can withstand three days of continuous rain. A bigger model has also recently been released to accommodate more people.
Aside from being sustainable and convenient, the tents are also handy surfaces for advertising. The exterior is easy to print on, which allows an opportunity for sponsorship.

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