Almost like a seesaw, the Read-Unread bookshelf reveals how many of the books in your library you have actually read.

From the Series

Here’s a bookshelf that not only serves as a place to stores your books but also makes subtle comments about how much you have read.

New York-based designer Niko Economidis created the concept bookshelf Read-Unread.

The bookshelf is a four metre leather strap, 44mm wide, that is suspended along three chrome rods mounted against the wall. At the one of the strap the books that you have read are hung, while the books that you have not read are hung of the other side, creating something of a seesaw effect between the read and the unread.

Economidis explains that “rather than being a fixed object, the bookshelf changes with time, recording your acquisition of knowledge”.

The books on either side of the seesaw is held together by metal buckles on the leather strap, which makes it very difficult to simply pull a book from this unconventional bookshelf. Perhaps not ideal if you want to honestly add to the “read” side but Read-Unread makes for an interesting decorative element nonetheless.

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