Rain catcher

Every drop counts with the Raincatch raincoat, a garment that lets you catch, filter and purify your own water.

From the Series

The Raincatch is a simple but elegant raincoat. But more than just protecting the wearer from the elements, this clever garment is also able to gather the water, purify and store it.

Designed by Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) student Hyeona Yang, the Raincatch allows the wearer to quickly and easily take a sip of water – straight from the coat.

The Raincatch concept proposes that the collar of the coat collects the rain water. This is then filtered down the back where charcoal filters have been designed into the coat. A chemical filtering process cleans the water and sends it down the wearer’s hips, where the storage facility can be found. With the storage area around the wearer’s hips, it makes for a more ergonomic way of carrying this life source around.

While Raincatch reveals the water and internal workings of the coat, the water storage system is hidden so that the garment can maintain a clean form factor.

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