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Black boxes are known to know everything. This BlackBox is a portable device for printing text messages from your phone, so you'll remember everything!

Fast and efficient as SMS and instant messaging may be as modern forms of communication, it just doesn’t have the same romantic appeal as a lovingly scribbled note that you can treasure forever.

Similarly, in a more official sense, text and instant messaging makes it difficult to really safeguard legal or business information for the infamous “paper trail”.

Many have tried keeping a record of these short sentiments by writing them down, but lets be honest, it’s just not fun.

Enter the BlackBox, a portable printer device that easily plugs into your mobile phone or laptop and prints out your short messages using standard, non-carbon receipt paper. A great way for remembering important, the BlackBox can be likened to the all-important black box found in aeroplanes.

BlackBox prints tow matching copies of a conversation of any length.

BlackBox is the initiative of designer Joe Doucet, who argues that “a paperless society only sounds good on paper”.