Post digital at London2011

From digital to post-digital, Alpha-ville at the London Design Festival explores the social and cultural effects of the humanising of technology.

“Post-digital” is a term used to refer to the humanising of digital technology and one that is increasingly recognised as looking specifically to the social and cultural applications of digital technology.

The Alpha-ville International Festival of Post Digital Culture explores this transition from a digital culture to a post-digital culture, at the intersection between art, technology and science.

Alpha-ville runs alongside the London Design Festival and the Digital Design Weekend at the V&A Museum until 25 September 2011.

Post-digital asks to be understood as something that is both rational and heartening, rather than an abstract description. The theme of the festival is “Zeitgeist, from digital to post-digital” and is organized around four key strands, namely “innovation”, “live”, “screening” and “exchange”.

The festival will look at the work of some of the most influential digital artists working today and investigate the impact of the post-digital culture on both society at large and creative practices in general.

Social media, interactive art, open labs, meet-ups, talks, workshops, screenings, live music, visual performance and parties are some of the happenings on the festival calendar. Getting the audience to understand and interrogate the way in which we perceive and use digital technologies is one the key aims of the festival.

James Alliban and Keiichi Matsuda’s “Cell” design takes its cue from the fact that our personal identities are increasingly becoming “broadcasted commodities”. Their projects maps digital personal identities by gathering information from a visitor’s internet profile as they walk through the space, the installation then projects the gathered information onto the visitor, a projection of their digital self.

Visit Alpha-ville’s website for more details.