Positive spin

The Semester Bicycle represents a new take on sustainable design, while supporting the local community of Greensboro in Alabama, USA.

Representing a leap forward in sustainable manufacturing design, the Semester Bicycle is environmentally friendly, durable and pleasing to the eye.

MakeLab and HERObike, in partnership with John Bieleberg's Future, joined forces to create a bicycle that not only supports a sustainable and ecologically friendly manufacturing process, but also creates a better life for residents of Greensboro in Alabama, US.

The Semester Bicycle is made from naturally grown bamboo, which can be found directly behind the bike workshop in Greensboro. The natural and locally sourced material is gathered, shaped and assembled into a bicycle frame by people from the community, ensuring a continuous outline for job creation in the area.

In creating a bicycle that is consistent in size, strength and performance, the design features a composite bamboo and steel frame, composed of a carbon fibre core and a hexagonal bamboo skin with durable laminated coating. The hexagonal tubes are lined with natural bamboo fibres, which run parallel along its length. In addition FRP skins are laid at a 45-degree angle to create a rigidity that protects the bamboo, resulting in an incredibly strong and lightweight design.

Semester Bicycle comes in two models and is available in three standard sizes, which can be pre-ordered on the project’s Kickstarter site.  


Watch the Talk with John Bielenberg