Portable water purification for developing nations

LifeStraw is a portable and affordable water purification tool for people in developing countries.

Image: https://www.facebook.com/lifestraw/?fref=ts

Launched in 1994, LifeStraw is water purification product that has made a positive global impact on the lives of millions. Initially developed as a basic filter cloth that could filter out virtually any microbiological contaminants, the product has evolved into a straw-like device called the LifeStraw. According to their website, more than 37 million of these straws are in use across the globe today. 

The straw-like filter was designed for people in developing countries that don’t have access to clean, drinkable water. The user places one end of the straw into any water source and sucks on the other end. The advanced purification system eradicates all harmful pathogens as water makes its way up the straw into the mouth of the user.

The company has propelled the technology forward by releasing other water purification systems such as the LifeStraw Family purifier, which is able to purify a larger amount of water.

A similar product, the Community purifier, was released in 2013 for use in institutional settings like schools and clinics. They have also released LifeStraw Go, a refillable water bottle and LifeStraw Mission, a high-volume, collapsible bag ideal for campsites, group hikes and expeditions.

Image: https://www.facebook.com/lifestraw/?fref=ts Image: https://www.facebook.com/lifestraw/?fref=ts

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