Plants for productivity

The Oasis collection is a great way of bringing the great outdoors to the corporate indoors.

A bit of greenery always works well to breathe life into a stale indoor space. More than mere “decorations” plants are essential in indoor offices as they work to purify the air, and they’re believed to improve employee productivity.

But finding the right space for plants in the office can also be a problem. That’s why Swedish furniture manufacturer Offecct created a range of tables, pedestals and sofas that are ideally suited to explicitly display plants.

The Oasis collection of modern furniture is an easy and stylish way of bringing mother nature into the office. The idea is that the Oasis collection gives plants their own space, without interfering with the rest of e office.

And the collection seems to offer a solution for every plant type. Front designed a plant pedestal raised up on coltish legs that doubles as a room divider while Lucia Nichetto designed a table made of saucers for capturing plants' excess water.

French architect and designer Jean-Marie Massaud’s Green Island works like a little oasis in the office. This low-slung divan has a cut-out for a big pot, which with a palm is sure to make employees want to relax under the tree.

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