Place to grow

Dear Mr Carpenter: How does your garden grow? With reclaimed wood, succulents and inspiration from nature.

“Table Gardens” is the latest creation of Atlanta-based MDC Interiors.

It’s a line of furniture that is made from reclaimed wood that has been salvaged from construction sites within a five-mile radius of where MDC is based. The designers also use discarded pallets from local warehouses and stores.

The “Balance Table” and “Maka Table” are two handmade coffee tables that are “inspired by the dichotomy of a flowing river and the static frame of a rocky bed underneath”, Mike Carpenter of MDC says.

With both products taking their inspiration form nature, the Balance Table, specifically, symbolizes the balance between the dynamic and stable characteristics of nature.

Green moss grows in the centre of the table to create a striking composition when it’s paired with polished river rocks. The lines in the reclaimed plywood work to create a modern and interesting interplay against the worn edges of the aged split rail.

The Maka Table, in turn, has a framed box that is ideal as a planter for succulents, making for a pretty little indoor garden.

Both the Balance Table and the Maka Table have been covered with polished glass and sealed with a water-based polyurethane.

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