Packing in the power

PowerPac, a human-generated energy producing device by Ideso, has been awarded a Red Dot award.

Ideso's PowerPac has been awarded a prestigious “red dot: best of the best” design concept award.

The PowerPac is in response to a need that the product design consultancy identified to reduce electricity usage, and find a smarter way to generate energy.

The Ideso PowerPac draws on the idea of human-generated energy that is captured and stored during exercise. The accumulation of energy can then be used to provide power for a number of household and personal electronic devices.

As the PowerPac is a single elegant unit, it challenges the traditional design structure of power generation and storage units being separate and often bulky, making it an efficient and practical means of energy generation and storage.

Aimed at cyclists, the device can be fully charged from empty to full within 80 minutes of cycling. The portable battery can then be placed anywhere in the home or office as a power outlet source.

The Ideso PowerPac will be honoured at the Red Dot awards ceremony in Singapore on 19 October 2012.

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