One ripped page from a Lauren Beukes thriller turns into 150 books

Pages ripped from Lauren Beukes' thriller "Broken Monsters" are being turned into once-off artworks and sold to raise money for a local literacy NGO.

International award-winning South African author (and Design Indaba Conference alumni) Lauren Beukes has given pages ripped from her dark thriller Broken Monsters to local artists, designers, illustrators, architects and photographers to turn into once-off art works that will be sold to raise money for the literacy NGO Book Dash. 

In collaboration with design curator Jacki Lang, Lauren Beukes’ pages have been interpreted by South African creatives including Brett Murray, Conrad Botes, Gabby Raaff, Kilmany-Jo Liversage, Lien Botha, Liza Grobler, Matthew Hindley, Mia Widlake, Paul Senyol and artists from the Nando’s Art Initiative. Each artwork will be sold for R1500 and the identity of the artist only revealed after the sale. 

Many children in South Africa have never owned a book of their own. For each art work sold, 150 illustrated books will be printed and distributed to children by Book Dash.

The exhibition and sale will happen from 12 to 14 November in Cape Town and from 26 to 28 November at the Nando's Central Kitchen in Johannesburg. For more information check out the Broken Monsters Charity Art Show Facebook page.

The Broken Monsters Charity Exhibition is sponsored by Nandos. 

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