One cup

The Compleat Cup is a more environmentally responsible paper cup.

Paper cups, of the variety used for takeaway beverages, are ideally suited to their function but not so ideally suited to environmental concerns.

Proverb,  a Boston-based brand strategy firm, has conceptualised a new type of paper cup, one that completely eliminates the need for the plastic lid.

The origami-like Compleat Cup is the brainchild of architect Peter Herman and Daren Bascome, managing director of Proverb. Compleat Cup is an asymmetrical paper cup that is formed by folding it.

The cup has been designed so that it no longer needs the petroleum-based plastic lid. Compleat Cup also offers a great branding opportunities in the form of three messaging surfaces on the cup, namely the body and the two folding flaps.

In addition to being better for the environment, the Compleat Cup is also more streamlined in terms of the manufacturing process. Without lids, it is easier to ship and store and the tall drinking spout means your nose will no longer get wet when reaching for that last little bit of coffee.

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