Old and new

At the Design Museum Holon, the New Olds exhibition explores the space in design between tradition and innovation.

The New Olds exhibition at the Design Museum Holon in Israel presents the work of more than 60 designers, exploring historical culture symbols in a contemporary design discourse.

Curated by Volker Albus and running until 10 September 2011, New Olds considers design between tradition and innovation, specifically pushing the boundaries of modern materials and techniques.

The works on display are inspired by various historical references and symbols, from deer antlers to the cuckoo clock, traditional porcelain, Baroque objects and, more recently, the history of Bauhaus and Memphis. In terms of techniques, the exhibition considers the artisanal and the technological, from weaving to glassblowing and wood carving, to roto-moulding and the use of 3D software.

Themes in New Olds focuses on materials, construction, configuration, production, design icons and traditional use.

Maarten Baas, Marcel Wanders, Ineke Hans and Studio Makkink & Bey are just some of the designers represented at New Olds.

Baas has reinterpreted the everyday white plastic garden chair, turning it into a hand-carved wooden chair with antique flair. Hans took a traditional wooden beer table and recreated it in recycled plastic.

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