Nendo’s distinctive chocolates are a journey into shape, taste and texture

Nendo, the Japanese design firm, took on something that a number of people consider perfect in its design: chocolate.

Japanese design firm Nendo created a series of nine chocolates that vary only in their specially designed shapes. In coming up with a new concept for chocolate, the firm decided to stray away from the usual aspects that affect a piece of chocolate’s taste like origin, flavour, and the technique of the chocolatier.

Instead, the firm chose to shape the chocolates in unique and appealing ways. Each distinctive piece corresponds to a Japanese expression used to describe texture. The range features pieces like “tubu-tubu” which translates to “chunks of smaller chocolate drops,” and “sube-sube” which means “smooth edges and corners.”

The range, called Chocolatexture, was created for the Maison & Objet trade fair that took place in Paris last year. Around 400 limited edition Chocolatexture sets were created and were sold during the event.