Neatly stacked

Industrial Facility has designed a collection of storage containers, ideal for neatening up the modern work desk.

Simplify and neaten your desk with Industrial Facility’s range of stacking containers designed for easy storing of loose desktop items.

The London-based design studio, Industrial Facility, is known for their exploration into industrial design and creating productive office environments. For this year’s London Design Festival, the studio designed Formwork, a collection of stacking containers that store digital and analogue items effectively.

Sam Hetch and Kim Colin, the designers behind Formwork, created the collection using plastic boxes with a non-slip base, which can be stacked in any combination, lining up horizontally or stacking vertically.

Simple and elegant, the Formwork system for American furniture manufacturer Herman Miller keeps some items on show and in easy reach, while hiding others from view.

Formwork was previewed at London Design Festival 2013 as part of Retail Facility’s pop-up shop.