The MOTI rules out all excuses for bad habits

The MOTI is a personable smart accessory that helps you train yourself into good habits.
The MOTI is a small electronic conscience that users can utilise when trying to learn new habits. Like Jiminey Cricket, but without the top hat, the MOTI is a steady reminder to be good. Whether it’s drinking more water at your desk, or going to bed earlier, the MOTI “smart object” claims to help.
The “face” of the MOTI gadget is an ambient light that changes colour to remind and congratulate you. The MOTI app, which users download to their smartphone, tracks your progress with the habit you are currently working on. The MOTI evolves to get excited about your progress and congratulates your small victories.
MOTI comes in three agreeable shapes and its designers have used social robotics and behavioural science to tap into our emotional connection to technology, giving anthropological nudges instead of streams of data.