Mosaic memory lane

The mosaics along a public transport walkway in Cape Town tell stories of the area's rich heritage.

There’s no doubt that the legacy of the World Cup will remain with South Africans for a long time to come. But we’re especially pleased about the creative footprints it’s left in our cities.

The development of the City of Cape Town’s integrated rapid transit (IRT) system was not only a public transport milestone, but it was also the ideal showcase of local creative flair.

Local artists were commissioned by the city to produce artworks for the stations in an effort to encourage more people to make use of public transport. The IRT station adjacent to the Cape Town Stadium features the work of ceramic artist Lovell Friedman.

Friedman’s mosaics, which can be seen all along the station’s walkways, tell stories about the history of the area, its people and the activities that have taken place here over the years. Friedman worked with 20 local craftspeople to complete the project.

Friedman runs workshops in the city to teach mosaic skills and traditions.