The monkey-shaped Macaco paperweight

According to its creator NikyNaky, this ceramic Macaco paperweight just wants to be loved.

The Macaco paperweight is the debut product of NikyNaky, a new (unconventional) Italian product-design brand started by Nicole Bruscia. The ceramic monkey is designed by architects Favaretto & Partners, and Bruscia claims the monkey form will remain a theme of her products.

Bruscia explains that this first handmade product is inspired by a imaginary adventures in a cartoon world,  but the idea may also have come in part from Francesco Favaretto’s childhood nickname…

Macaco, Bruscia says, “is like a teddy bear hoping to be your friend”.

Macaco was launched during Milan Design Week 2015, and will be available in September as part of a 60 piece limited edition. Macaco comes in black, white and red.