This modern tea set is preserving the traditional Chinese tea ceremony

Mosey is a portable tea set designed by Jie Chen to preserve the traditional Chinese tea ceremony in the modern world.

Eindhoven-based designer Jie Chen has created Mosey, a stackable tea set designed to adapt the traditional Chinese tea ceremony to suit modern working and living rhythms. “Almost half of my works are about translating my oriental lifestyle to my contemporary lifestyle,” she says.

Unlike the traditional tea set, Mosey is portable and presents a unique interpretation of the art of drinking and sharing tea. “Having tea with different people in different places makes the tradition more dynamic,” Chen says. 

Chen grew up in a tea production area in China, where the traditional tea ceremony was part of everyday life. 

The whole set includes a teapot, a gongdao mug, teacups, tea storehouse and a mat. All the items can be stacked up and stored in the leather bag. The tea mat is stored on the side and transforms any surface into an instant tea table.

Mosey was created using a variety of materials such as wood, metal, textile and ceramics. “Ceramics have made up the majority of my design projects in recent years,“ she says. Other ceramic designs by Chen include a set designed to revive traditional handmade noodles and a kaleidoscopic teacup designed to make drinking tea more fun.

Chen is a graduate of the Department of Man and Leisure at Design Academy Eindhoven. She exhibited Mosey at Dutch Design Week 2015. 

Images via Jie Chen.

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