Mix'n'match prostheses

Bespoke Innovations is adding much-needed creative flair to prosthetic limbs.

Customised to suit the individual. That is what Bespoke Innovations does with prosthetic legs. The San Francisco-based company adds a touch of style and playfulness to prosthetic legs by designing them to suit the interests of the amputees.

Bespoke Innovations uses rapid prototyping and fabrication techniques in addition to creative industrial designs to create the unique limbs. The artificial legs are lightweight with patterns or metal plating applied to add an individual touch.

Passionate about personalisation, Bespoke Innovations believes that amputees too should be able to express their individuality, despite their disability. See the prosthetics here that suit those with interests in fashion (fishnet stockings!), biking, soccer, cycling, the nude look and more.

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