A Michelin star for bobotie and biltong

Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen is the first South African chef to win a Michelin star for his South African-inspired menu JAN, his restaurant in Nice, France.

Every year the top chefs in the world hold their breath and wait for the Michelin star announcements, and in February 2016 the first South African chef was awarded the prestigious accolade. Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen opened his restaurant, JAN in a trendy neighbourhood of Nice, France in 2013 and his menu features flavours and dishes that are uniquely South African. Biltong, bobotie, rooibos and even mosbolletjies (a sweet, brioche-like bread with a subtle anise flavour) all make an appearance.  

According to van der Westhuizen, the traditional South African flavours on the menu are inspired by his grandmother's cooking. He dextrously blends old South African flavours with contemporary tastes, and plates each dish with the most innovative aesthetics. 

After studying culinary arts and applied design in Stellenbosch, Van der Westhuizen has worked as a chef on yachts and was also a contributing editor and photographer to Elle Magazine. He has been working on introducing flavours from his home to his European customers. JAN is considered to be one of the best restaurants on the French Riviera.