Melting ice

Nendo redesigns glassware for Baccarat and creates beauty that mirrors the clarity and delicacy of an ice block.

Nendo's new glassware range successfully intersects the historic essence and the continuous desire for contemporary innovation of Baccarat.

Nendo’s redesign of crystal glassware company Baccarat’s signature Harcourt line highlights the constant beauty found in glass.

Drawing inspiration from melting ice, Nendo incorporates the seemingly traditional final stage of glass craftsmanship into the middle of their design process. By dipping the edges of each glass into the acid usually used for polishing, Nendo encapsulates the soft feel and distinctive light refraction of melting ice.

The timeless image of hard ice gradually dissolving into trickling water is a perfect representation of Baccarat’s longstanding foundation and their pursuit to remain fresh and innovative.

“Harcourt ice” will be exhibited in Isetan during the DesignTide in Tokyo from 24 October to 4 November 2012.

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