A massive eco-village with a utopian take on sustainable living

Agroecologist Amlankusum’s conceptual designs combines natural elements with controlled construction to create a 36-storey paradise.

Indian agroecologist Amlankusum and Paris-based Vincent Callebaut Architectures (VCA) have revealed a concept that is huge in scale, environmentally friendly in its design and beautiful in its ability to enhance the landscape. The vertical "eco-neighborhood" called the Jaypee Green Sports City, consists of a set of six 36-storey towers connected by common green spaces, walkways, and shared eco-conscious features.

“My approach is holistic, combining the best of low-tech and high-tech instead of systematically opposing them. Our aim is to reconcile urban renaturation and small-scale farming with environment protection and biodiversity,” wrote Amlankusum on VCA’s webpage.

According to Business Insider, the compound is filled with a number of innovative, sustainable features that are all connected through sky foot bridges. Natural vegetation, natural pools and solar energy generation are just some of the vertical village’s main features.

The concept is designed using locally sourced solid wood which the firm feels has the most limited environmental impact, making it the most sustainable option for design. Overall, the emphasis on sustainable living is integrated into not only the building’s design, but the way its inhabitants will live. The compound’s “living” apartments will feature aquaponic balconies where fresh fruit and vegetables would be in the inhabitants’ reach.

The design is both natural and controlled, placing sustainable food and energy generation at its core. Named Hyperions, the compound would be built just outside New Delhi.