Making a pitch

An idea for a new board game, The Pitch, brings out the graphic designer in everyone.

If Monopoly is the game for wannabe property developers and Cluedo the game for wannabe detectives, then The Pitch is probably the game for wannabe graphic designers. Or maybe rather graphic designers that enjoy board games.

Either way, The Pitch is a new board game by Fatimah Kabba, a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York.

The objective of the game is, of course, to be the top creative in your field, while working to “rebrand the preconceptions about graphic design”. As in life, the game requires players to come up with great pitches and win lots of awards. The kind of stuff that would have your peers reeling.

Kabba is trying to raise $10 000 through Kickstarter to see The Pitch going into production. It must also be noted that the game will appeal to an audience much wider than just graphic designers. Much like Monopoly.

 Take a look at the rules (via Co.Design)