Made of paper

Material magic: Nendo's "Lacquered Paper-Objects" are made by combining layers of paper, using 3D printing techniques.

During the Milan Design Week Nendo will be showcasing their “Lacquered Paper-Object”, a collection of small 3D-printed, paper-constructed containers.

Each vessel was created by combining layers of paper. The different layers of paper are “pasted” together by a 3D printer. Once the shapes are pasted together they are  decoratively carved by hand.

The final step in the development of the containers involves applying a thick lacquer to the exterior of the vessels to secure the edges of the paper shape.

The end result is a container, carved from paper, with a deceiving, non paper-like appearance.

The Lacquered Paper-Objects can be seen at the Nilufar Gallery in Milan from 17 to 22 April 2012.

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